C'est la vie (That's Life)

For several years, Stefan Banz has been systematically and obsessively recording his own existence in a raw, direct way with no concessions - a style in which there is no noticeable analytical or premeditative intention at the time of shooting. It is a matter of photographing, of filming the actions in an almost automatic manner, which sends us back irremediably to an extremely subjective point of view. However, Stefan Banz's video sequences are much more than just simple documentaries; his photos evade the etiquette of the social document. The constant concern, which is evident in his work, is the urge to confront us with the crucial question of the role of the artist in modern-day society. How to live one's life, how to combine the fact of being an artist with circumstances such as having a family, making money, looking after one's children's education? Simple questions that occasionally demand complex answers.

Hilde Teerlinck


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