C'est la vie (That's Life)

"In the style of an amateur anthropologist, I shoot short video sequences taken in a real-life situation, as close as possible to my daily existence. Despite appearances, they are not family films, even though I use certain characteristic figures; rather they are family anti-films, in which the ambient tension paradoxically narrates the relationship between power and ties of affections." (J.B.)

Children's games, discussions around the kitchen table - it is the everyday events that Joël Bartoloméo accurately records on video. He shows us fragments, carefully chosen moments. These distillations offer us a revelatory vision of our own reality and the behaviour of human beings in general.

Hilde Teerlinck

Joël Bartoloméo also produced a Web project, Y'a pas d'arbre dans la forêt, for the exhibition Version originale presented during the fourth Biennale de Lyon.


resume of the artist


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