At first sight--nothing.

Perhaps we've come at a bad time, timed our arrival all wrong.

Or, then again, it could be that we're just in time : in time or in step with what, at any moment, is about to make its apperance.

But as luck would have it, we,re on time, it turns out, to see it come about or come back, to put in at least one more appearance.

Indeed, at the risk of anticipating things a bit here, we could say that, for the moment, we're between scenes, in the penumbra between one day and the next.

Excerpt from unpublished text on Ian Carr Harris' exhibition 137 Tecumseth and titled Visitations : image, figure, and the other side of the phenomenon, 1995.

Gordon Lebredt
48, avenue Garden, Toronto M6R 1H6 (416) 536-9537


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