Exhibition: C'est la vie
Curator: Hilde Teerlinck

The exhibition C'est la vie brings together the work of six international artists who have chosen to use video and photos as their means of communication.

For a number of years now, it has been evident that many creators are once again interested in less ambitious forms of expression, in contrast with artistic trends that often lack meaning or seem grandiloquent. Some artists have decided to go back to the very beginning, taking everyday life as their starting point. Analysis of the circumstances of their private lives (family, home and work) serves as their inspiration in the creation of works that are filled with a surprising freshness. Moreover, their creations enable us to discover aspects of this theme which are often forgotten but that are perennial within the world of art - the confrontation between what is intimate and authentic and what is false or artificial.

The preference of these six artists for highly modern media, such as video or photography, si striking. Nowadays, everybody has a television set, a photographic camera of a video camera at home. These tools have become everyday items. The commonplace nature of these media is borne in mind by the six artists selected. Their attitude as creator and their point of view are close to the position of every mother or father. The themes dealt with are everyday situations, based on pure, harsh reality. They try to avoid every unnecessary mise-en-scène. Chance and the unexpected often play a leading role.

Lucy Gunning and Sally Mann invite us to discover private universes observed with a feminine sensibility. Joël Bartoloméo and Stefan Banz share the same obsessive, almost scientific taste for the minor incidents and hazards of daily life. Erwin Wurm and Joachim Mogarra's arrangements and manipulations are alike in the way that both have of seducing us by their search for the poetry hidden in the inanimate world of the ordinary objects of our everyday existence.

We have here six points of view - six radical, personal and different positions in which we can nevertheless detect the same passion, the same love for what is small and what is real.


Hilde Teerlinck


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