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The Dutch artist Matthijs de Bruijne works on the field of sound, sculptures and Web sites. His work explores themes related to cultural aspects, individual convictions, and above all the adventure of intercultural miscommunication. Through his work we can participate in personal experiences, such as an argument with his foreign girlfriend, as well explore issues and spheres of different countries. During the last couple of years he has developed unique sound sculptures which touch our ears, eyes and minds.

Analysis of an Unidentified Object

This interactive project begins with an evocative image of a strange object which sparks the imagination and jostles the visitors' frame of reference. The artist leaves the image to the attention and sensibility of each visitor, as if he were trying to decipher it himself. This vaguely mysterious object serves, in fact, as pretext for interaction, and for emphasizing the individual,s imagination. Imbued with poetry and humor, it allows for different interpretations, which in turn reveal parts of each participant's universe. The work also alludes to the creative and transformative potential of images made possible by new technologies. Faced with the rapid development of new technologies and subsequent disorientation produced by these images, the artist counts on their positive aspects and on the possibility of engaging visitors in a process of exchange and creation that encourages action upon the world.

Within the framework of La Biennale de Montréal, we have selected the work Analysis of an Unidentified Object, produced in 1997. The work was reviewed in the fifth edition of the CIAC's Electronic Art Magazine.


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