Kim Kozzi & Dai Skuse

Artist Statement:

Kuven 11 is a project to make visual art for spacecraft owned and operated by Witches.

The spacecraft of Witches are invisible to the general population due to their extensive use of cloaking and moonlight. However, in the light of day, parts of their spacecraft interiors can often look like contemporary installation art.

The cultural differences between Witches and contemporary art is fraught with the traditional mixture of strange fascination, fear, and misunderstanding, that make up almost any consideration of the 'Other'.

FASTWURMS has some personal observations about the type of art that Witches prefer in their spacecraft that can perhaps be generalized to give a better understanding of Witch culture in general:

witches like plants and animals, and in particular like to see representations of 'familiars'. In this regard Witches are no different than people who keep pictures of loved ones in their wallet when travelling or put family portraits on their desks at work. There is a consistent and strong sentimental attachment toward cats, owls, bats, ravens, frogs, etc.,.

witches like the moon, and drawings of circles, spheres, and crescent moon shapes, that can also be read as horns, are very popular.

witches like stars, in particular five pointed stars and forms like pentagrams and pentagons.

witches like strong dynamic colour combinations like red and black, orange and black, green and white, colours that often are symbolic of seasonal, spatial, or natural materials.

witches like abstract images of female figures, and for anthropomorphic representations of the natural universe this is the preferred gender.

FASTWURMS hopes that Kuven 11 sheds some light on the type of art you might find in a typical spacecraft owned and operated by Witches. We would caution that this viewpoint is true to some, but not all Witchcraft. The viewer would be wise to remember that when the visual arts and the Old Religion meet, there is always more than what greets the eye.


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