The building is made of snow. The ceilings are made of ice. After a prolonged battle with an expert, the floors have finally been completed. They consist of rising and falling sides, with rooms off them containing works of art designed by the artists themselves, all mounted in the right places. There is an automaton at the entrance, rattling with cold, who throws coins through the entrance hall in a high arc, forcefully intoning the dubious words, "Regional Remuneration Office" as he does so. The resources centre is on the ground floor. It is here that the question of the human right to energy is posed. Behind that the egotism room consists of a whirlwind, twirling pirouettes, which can take up exactly as much space as its rotation requires. Adjoining this is the heated "better world" day room for art collectors. This room, whose security is seductive, is supported by pillars of salt on which the decreasing level of the melting ice can be read. Directly above is an anti-demon room, which has no ceiling. Next to it is a corridor-like area, in which peas have been scattered and spinning wheels erected. There it is possible to identify the sex of the people present. But there are also people who see through the ruse, who force themselves to stride determinedly across the peas or leave the spinning wheels unobserved. There is also an experiment to solve the gender question using the homeopathic method of healing like with like. The toilet - the "everybody's darling room", which is furnished as a cooling area in summer, offers a wide view of the snow-covered glittering sculpture garden, in which various human-sized snowballs have been built. These make either affirmative or negative head movements, saying "I WANT TO" or "I DON'T WANT TO". On the hour they say "CUCKOO". You can also observe a rare species of local bird, which shares collective care of its brook, quite peacefully. The group consists of three men and a woman. On rare occasions another woman passes by, on the hunt for a man, and ruins everything.

Asta GrĂ¼ting
The Good Museum
February 1996


resume of the artist


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