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Garnet Hertz has an education in visual arts and specializes in the production of multimedia projects, notably works created for the Internet. He is also the designer of numerous Web sites and multimedia productions

«Building The Simulator is an attempt at accenting and exploring the edge between the simulacrum of the internet and banal physical existence. By reverting physicalness into digital space, one is alerted discrepancies between physical and digital existence. Physical concepts of linear time and space - when re-created in digital format - seem odd or humorous. Writing, working, and physically relaxing do not translate literally into a digital realm. The attempt to do so, however, makes the parallax between the two noticeable.»

Garnet Hertz

Within the framework of La Biennale de Montréal, we have selected the work The Simulator, produced in 1997. The work was reviewed in the fifth edition of the CIAC's Electronic Art Magazine.


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