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Liquidation a web-audio drama

In the midst of a baroque city that endlessly liquidates, follow TOPO Agency's investigation in LIQUIDATION, a plurimedia photo-novel from author Michel Lefebvre and photographer Eva Quintas.

Launched in January 98 simultaneously on the web and at the radio show Les décrocheurs... d'étoiles (Radio-Canada FM), the three 30 minute episodes of this French web-radio drama combine a full radio version with three web episodes comprising more than 200 photographs. Although they have been designed to complement each other, these two by-products of Liquidation are totally independent. Our challenge was to match a medium in real time, the radio, with an interactive medium controlled by the user: the internet.

In its ultimate format, on CD-Rom, the photo-novel Liquidation sums up close to 1500 photographs and 4 hours of soundtrack, with original music and dialogues performed by approximately 25 actors. The ensemble of the content lends itself to multiple versions and to different forms of distribution, hence the term "plurimedia".

Michel Lefebvre, writer
Eva Quintas, photographer

As a poet, Michel Lefebvre has diffused his texts during public readings, within the framework of multimedia events, on the radio and in a dozen magazines in Québec, Canada, and Belgium. In 1989, he published SOUS LE MANTEAU--Le gouvernement mondial, a newspaper tabloid regrouping his poetic texts as well as the collaborations of about a hundred artists from fifteen different countries. After having worked several years as a cultural promotor and in the field of publishing, he is devoting himself now to the realization and the development of the diverse aspects of Liquidation, a plurimedia photo-novel. Since 1996 he has also created many cultural internet sites which are lodged among the digital collections of Rescol.

Since 1990, upon the completion of university studies in litterature and photography, Eva Quintas has participated in about fifteen exhibitions in Québec, Mexico, Belgium and Spain. A member of L'Atelier Fovea, a group of Montréal photographers, she founded L'Agence TOPO in 1993, an organism dedicated to the creation and diffusion of photography. She has been interested in installation and in travel photography since 1992, and has developped an important body of work entitled Les lieux propices, where intimate portraits are juxtaposed with a semi-critical, semi-poetic vision of the territory. Her practice however favors multimedia projects which involve other artists, or even the public. It is in this sense that she is presently working with the writer Michel Lefebvre in the creation of a plurimedia photo-novel, while experimenting with new forms of creation and digital diffusion.

Within the framework of La Biennale de Montréal, we have selected the work Liquidation, realized in 1997. The work was reviewed briefly in the fifth edition of The CIAC's Electronic Art Magazine. file:///C|/Mes documents/Site-www_ciac/biennale/fr_lefebvre_quintas.html


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