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«A third is something which places a first in relation to a second. A sign is a sort of third.» J-R Pierce

I strive to make sense. Therefore I create sense. With what I find (Internet, video, electroacoustic drama, gesture, voice, words, scraps, stones,...) My tool of choice is the theatrical gesture, outside of the traditional stage context, and I have a certain attraction to new technologies which create new information in fictional architecture.

Ex-voto is my first and most beautiful installation on the Web. It was born of a desire, in 1995, to create a virtual place dedicated to thanks, thanks which thanks what, in order that the other would offer me an intimate part of its otherness and that this gesture, received within the space of my artistic action, would generate an identity from the spirit of our contemporary internauts. Because I am its initiator, Ex-voto has my name. But this work, as it appears in the strength of its present proposition, is due to the encouragement of many people: First, of the attention of Anne-Marie Morice (virtual magazine Synesthésie), who baptised my work Ex-voto. Also, the sufficient artistic direction and encouragement of Pierre Bongiovanni from C.I.C.V., Centre Pierre Shaeffer, at Montbéliard which was a determining factor in the realization of this project. We worked quickly in the studio. Cherise Fong took care of the fomatting, Mike Ravey the html, and myself, I had to clear in a state of emergency the wall of text which I found sincerely poetic. Also I returned to Montréal, to PRIM, thanks to the support with which I was able to scan the illustrations of the witnesses which began to arrive via the Web. Critics, here and elsewhere, gave encouragement to Ex-voto, and it is very moving for me to have been selected by La Biennale de Montréal, as this gives me, among other things, the hope of receiving grants for Ex-voto, which until now have always been refused.

In reaction to another installation, this one feminist, also online at C.I.C.V., death threats have been sent to me by young fascist students. Legal proceedings are taking place at this time. What an adventure the Web is!!!!!!!!!!

Pascale Malaterre

Within the framework of La Biennale de Montréal, we have selected the work Ex-voto, produced in 1996. The work was reviewed in the fifth edition of the CIAC's Electronic Art Magazine.


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