«A star radiates light worth hundreds of millions of stars at the end of its life.
Death: the absolute inescapable law of the universe.
In the vast universe, however, some stars die and yet others are brought into being through mega-explosions effected by gravity and immense pressure.
Any life, whether macroscopic or microscopic, will see its death, dissolution, and rebirth.

The chain of reincarnation harks back in time forever.
When did our beings originate? When did the universe begin? What, in fact, set everything in motion?

Since the beginning-less time, primal energy arises and evolves in endless sequence.
It is a perpetual motion at the infinitely deep seat of psyche, driven by the causal inter-relationship between subliminal cognition and conscious cognition.

Neither spatial nor temporal, this energy. innumerable and immeasurable is a habitual dynamic presence.
It spontaneously self-regenerates in a perpetual series of instantaneous moments, continuing to manifest itself from the eternal past to the eternal future.

Awaken! Know the cosmic wisdom, life's mystery, and the efflux of primal energy that has no entity.
Let us transcend language and conception.
Let our flesh melt into the air. Let our spirit be liberated.
Let us be one with the ultimate truth of our selves and the whole universe.

Spiritual energy is eternal, no death or birth strikes it.»


Mariko Mori, 1998 (Translated by Reiko Tommii)

The presentation of Kumano by Mariko Mori
was supported by The Japan Foundation


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