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" The exciting aspect of the internet for me is the opportunity for artist/audience exchange. Peeping Tom is about two years old now and I still get up every Sunday morning , make a cup of coffee and sit at my computer to read the new stories, pant problems and cocktail recipes from that week. It can make me laugh out loud for hours, or sometimes cry - its always inspiring and often moving to think of the diversity and generosity of the unknown audience.

Peeping Tom is based on a floor plan of my own home and filled with the voices and conversations of my friends and family. The site is cluttered with letters, bills, lists, diary extracts, phone messages, and domestic objects. The visitor navigates around by rummaging through the drawers, deciding what to wear, raiding the fridge and listening to juicy bits of gossip.

Based on storytelling traditions, the site explores how we reveal ourselves, our histories and our desires via the internet, as both the observer and the observed.

In turn the activities and responses generated by the net sites are translated back into physical space using a series of projections, triggers or print outs to create both a passive and active environment for the gallery visitor.

The sites have become an eclectic mix of trivial and important memories, a combination of stories, handy hints and confessions. Sometimes there is a flurry of on-line activity and sometimes no movement for months and months. Because of the personal nature of the content and structure my relationshipwith them has become very similar to that of a conversation I might have with an old friend.

Julie Myers

Within the framework of La Biennale de Montréal, we have selected the work Peeping Tom, produced in 1996. The work was reviewed in the fourth edition of the CIAC's Electronic Art Magazine.


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