The key thematic concept of Sensorium is "to expand the potential of the Internet as a circuit for sensing the living world." As our primary objective is to provide more enlivened experiences of the world--with the emphasis on "sensing"--projects are not necessarily limited to the Internet.

Sensorium project teams are small groups assembled on a project basis, drawing on the talents of our more than thirty Tokyo-based members(otherwise active professionally in fields as diverse as cultural anthropology, graphic design, programing, network art, music, journalism, university education, geophysics, etc.).

Sensorium's Website was reviewed in the fourth edition of CIAC's Electronic Art Magazine.



Within the framework of La Biennale de Montréal, Sensorium presents BeWare02 : Satellite.

BeWare is a "living" object by which you can touch and feel the actual temperature of the earth based on data through the Internet. The data is transmitted from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) polar orbital satellite. The object shows a projection of the earth's image on a 9 cm by 160 cm plate, which
changes in accordance with the speed of the satellite as it orbits the earth. The infrared image is analyzed as temperature data which is used to control Peltier devices attached to the underside of the plate. The data transmission is conducted through the Internet, however the interface for the WWW or the Inernet is not necessarily limited to the capabilities of the Web browser or of the computer."Sensorium" is attempting to expand means of the expression using the Internet as well as to stimulate our perception of the living world..

BeWare02 project team: Shin'ichi TAKEMURA, Ichiro HIGASHIIZUMI, Takuya SHIMADA, Shu-ichi ONO, Yoshiaki NISHIMURA

The presentation of BeWare02: Satellite is possible thanks to the financial support of the Daniel Langlois foundation for the art, science and technology and The Japan Foundation.




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