In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God ...

A man in dark glasses, waving a white stick on a treadmill stutters his way through St. John's 1.1-5, Blind Faith, the angel, repeats Christianity's Zadok the Priest. What exists outside this exaltation to believe, if not in God's emissary, then in language itself ?

The film runs in reverse. People manoeuvre expertly backwards up and down the escalators accepting their judgement as redeemed or condemned. Everything that is about to happen has already happened. fate, Karma, Predestination. As sense escapes to nonsense in our attempts to piece together the prestidigitation behind the work, we suffocate in its inexorable logic.



imagine a parade with perfect
horses drawing carriages bearing
dignified people in beautiful clothes
kings and queens and princes and princesses
acclaimed by an adoring public
the guardsmen playing the national anthem

picture a procession with dignified
horses pulling coaches containing
famous people in wonderful costumes
kings and queens and princes and princesses
adored by a loving country
the bandsmen striking up the national anthem

envisage a pageant with fine
horses drawing coaches bearing
noble people in exquisite clothes
kings and queens and princes and princesses
applauded by a loving public
the soldiers playing the national anthem

imagine a cavalcade with noble
horses drawing carriages bearing
distinguished people in elegant clothes
kings and queens and princes and princesses
loved by a proud country
the cavalry playing the national anthem

Mark Wallinger


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