C'est la vie (That's Life)

Erwin Wurm's pieces should be seen above all as the work of a sculptor. Using a vast range of means and manipulations, he invites us to discover different, varied forms of expression that are nevertheless constantly related to the field of sculpture. The photos selected are recent works, and take the classic theme of the size of the human body as their starting point. Erwin Wurm photographs pairs of male and female twins, then he artificially makes the original shape of one his subjects fatter with the help of clothing, breadcrumbs, etc. The comparision that he provokes, in a before and after style, lead us to reflect on our concept of our own body shape and challenge the normality of our everyday appearance.

In another series of photos, (entitled one minute sculptures), he works out very precise instructions in order to invite us to find a new, different and sculptural use for commonplace objects.

Hilde Teerlinck


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