Curriculum vitæ

Steve KURTZ, Hope KURTZ, Dorian BURR, Steven BARNES, Beverly SCHLEE

Critical Art Ensemble (CAE) is a collective of five new genre artists of various specializations including computer art, film/video, photography, text art, book art, and performance. Formed in 1987, CAE's focus has been on the exploration of the intersections between art, critical theory, technology, and political activism. The collective has performed and produced projects for an international audience, and has written three books.

Oeuvres multimédia / Multimedia artworks
ICFATU, 1998
Flesh Machine
, 1997
True Crime
, 1997
Workspace On-line
, 1997
Nettime Radio
, 1997
Flesh Frontiers
, 1996
, 1996
Shareholders' Briefing
, 1996
Machine News
, 1996
Image Transfer
, 1996
Diseases of Consciousness
, 1996,
The Cyborg Project, 1996
Body Count
, 1995
Apocalypse and Utopia
, 1995
Selected Video of Critical Art Ensemble
, 1995
Dressing the Text: The Fine Press Artists' Book
, 1995
Virtual Bodies
, 1994
Consuming Radio
, 1994
The Crash Show
l, 1994
Electronic CIvil Disobedience
, 1994
Electronic Disturbances
, 1993
, 1993
Gender Crash
, 1993

Expositions / Exhibitions (sélection):
1998Arts électroniques, 1re Biennale de Montréal,
commissaire: Sylvie Parent;
Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki;
Lovebytes Digital Arts Festival, Sheffield;
Art and Science Collision, Beursschouwburg, Bruxelles
1997Technolust, Museum of Photography, Antwerp;
Public Netbase, Vienne;
Labor, Graz;
Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana;
Museum Do It, exposition itinérante (circulating):
The Cranbrook Museum, Bloomfield Hills/
Notre Dame/Palo Alto Cultural Center;
Hybryd Workspce, Documenta X, Kassel;
Mirrored Rituals, Documenta Video Library, Documenta X;
Radio Frei Kassel (88.9);
Do It, Tallinna Kunstihoones, Edenev Muuseum, Tallinna;
Transmedia Festival, Berlin; Ljubljana Digital Media Lab
1996VIPER Festival, Lucerne;
Telepolis, Munich;
Radical Images, Museum for Contemporary Art, Szombathely;
Der Standard, Museum in Progress, Vienne;
E~Scape, Museum of Applied Arts, Vienne;
Austrian Triennial of Photography, Graz;
NetWork, Banff Center for the Arts,
The Next Five Minutes, Rotterdam
1995C3, Center for Culture and Communication, Budapest;
The Hull Time Based Media Festival, Hull (GB);
Leeds International Film Festival, Leeds;
Second Biennial of Video and Electronic Arts,
Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago;
Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City;
European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück;
Champ Libre, International Video and Electronic Art
Exhibition, Montréal;
Central Media Committee, Berlin;
The Art Museum of Santa Cruz County; University of Dayton
1994Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA), Londres;
Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow;
Florida New Forms Project, Orlando;
Threadwaxing Space, New York;
Book Ends and Odd Books, The Banff Centre for the Arts;
Surprise Party: A Festival of the Arts Theory
and Electronic Desire,
University of Florida, Gainesville;
Printed Matter at Dia, New York;
The Book of Love, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris;
Milliseconds to Millennia: The Art of Time,
Virginia Center for the Craft Arts, Richmond
1993Experimental A/V Festival, Arnhem;
Exquisite Corpse, The Drawing Center, New York;
Corcoran Gallery of Art;
Foundation for Contemporary Art, Mexico City;
Santa Monica Museum;
Forum, St.Louis;
Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach;
Pacific Film Archive, San Francisco;
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston;
Miami Film Festival;
Florida State University Film and Literature
Conference, Tallahassee

Bibliographie / Bibliography
-DERY, Mark, "Critical Art Ensemble", Mute, nº 10, 1998.
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Livres / Books
Flesh Machine: Cyborgs, Designer Babies and New Eugenic Consciousness, New York, Autonomedia/Semiotext(e), 1998.
-Electronic Civil Disobedience and Other Unpopular Ideas, New York, Autonomedia/Semiotext(e), 1996.
-The Electronic Disturbance, New York, Autonomedia/Semiotext(e), 1994.

-"Observations on Collective Cultural Action, Art Journal, été 1998.
-"Notes on the Political Condition of Cyberfeminism" (Faith Wilding, co-auteur), Art Journal, été 1998.
-"Group Material", Interventions and Provocations, Albany, SUNY Press, 1998.
-"Eugenics: The Second Wave", CTheory, 1998.
-"Biotechnologische Schnittstellen", Springer, oct.-nov. 1997.
-"The Technology of Uselessness", Digital Delirium, New York, St. Martins Press (réimpression), 1997.
-"The Coming of Age of the Flesh Machine", Electronic Culture, New York, Aperture, 1997.
-"Eugenic Visions", Coil, nº 4, 1997.
-"Uneasy Flirtations: The Critical Reaction to Warhol's Concepts of the Celebrity and of Glamour", The Critical Reaction to Andy Warhol, Alan Pratt, éd. Westport, Greenwood Pulbishing Group, 1997.
-"As Above, So Below" (F. Wilding, co-auteur), Left Curve, nº 21
-"Posthuman Development in the Age of Pancapitalism", Muae, nº 2, 1997.
-"Utopian Promises-Net Realities", Interface 3 Proceedings, Hambourg, Hans-Bredow-Institut. Aussi publié dans -ZKP, 3.2.1., Berlin/Amsterdam/Ljubiljana, version annotée disponible @ Net. Weight
-<> (Ljubljana Digital Media Lab, Slovenia), 1997.
-"Tactical Media", Radical Images, texte du catalogue, Austrian Triennial of Photography, Graz, 1996.
-"Nine Theses Against Monumentalism", Random Access: Ambient Fears, London, Rivers Oram Press, 1996.
-"The Therapeutic State", Cultronix, nº 3, 1995.
-"Die Mythologie des Terrorismus, im Netz", Springer, sept. 1995.
-"Slacker Luddites", Mythos Information, texte du catalogue, Ars Electronica, Linz, 1995.
-"Utopian Plagiarism, Hypertextuality, and Electronic Cultural Production, Critical Issues in Electronic Media, Simon Penny, éd., New York, SUNY Press.
-"Human Sacrifice in Rational Economy", Public, hiver 1995.
-Electronic Civil Disobedience (reprint), Video Positive, texte pour The Liverpool Video Festival, Liverpool, 1995.
-Elecronic Civil Disobedience, texte pour The Crash Show, Threadwaxing Space, NYC, 1994.
-The Technology of Uselessness, Ctheory, aussi publié dans Perforations nº 6, 1994.
-"Manuel De Landa", Nomad Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, printemps 1994.
-"Electronic Disturbances", The Last Sex, Arthur and Marilouise Droker, éd., St. Martin's Press, 1993.
-"Black Humor, Crash Humor, and Traditional Aesthetic Representation", Black Humor: Critical Essays, New York, Garland Press, 1993.
-"Celeste Olalquiaga", Nomad Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, automne 1993.

Art dans les publications / Published artwork:
7 collages, El Paseante, nº 27-28, 1998.
4 collages, Electronic Culture. New York: Aperture, 1997.
"A Public Misery Message", Unbuilt Roads, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 1997.
"True Crime", Museum Do It, New York, New York: ICI, 1997.
"Addictionmania", I/O/D Interactive, Londres, nº 2, 1995.
"Useless Technology Insert", Perforations 6, Atlanta and Underground 5, Londres, aussi disponible sur l'Internet @ CTheory en forme de hypertexte, 1994.
"Toni Denise", The Last Sex, New York, St. Martin's Press, 1993.


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